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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Top 10 Beaches in the Dominican Republic

The shorelines in the Dominican Republic are stunning, pristine gems that transmit under the Caribbean sun. Bragging very nearly 800 brilliant miles of wonderful coastline the nation has a portion of the best shorelines in the entire of the Caribbean. With such a large number of shorelines on one island it may be hard to arrange an excursion around it. So to help you I have laid out underneath a rundown of ten of my most loved shorelines in the Dominican Republic.

1. Playa de Macao

Appropriately acclaimed by UNESCO, the Playa shoreline is a phenomenal shoreline. Home to the curious angling town of El Macao, which is found quite recently south of Uvero Alto in Punta Cana, the shoreline has splendid white sand and is eminent for a seaward wreck which is a well known jump site. Unpleasant waters makes great surfing conditions and the perspectives of and on the bluffs that brood over the shoreline are just stunning.

2. Playa Madame

Wild, yet pristine this small, isolated beach is could easily sell a million postcards. A beautiful golden beach surrounded by ragged cliffs and lush, bosky foliage this little gem, although hard to get to at the end of the very rough road that leads in to it, is well worth the trip. Not least because you can explore some of the wonderful caves and lagoons it houses.

3. Punta Cana

Perhaps the most famous beach in the Dominican Republic, this private, immaculate beach of white sand, azure waters and verdant tropical landscapes is as beautiful as it is enjoyable. As well as being a great place to sunbath, for those who like to be a little more active, catamaran trips, speed boats, banana boats and party boats are readily available here. The marine life in this area, which can be seen more closely by snorkelling or on a glass bottom boat tour, is particular stunning too.

4. Playa Luperon

Lined with beautiful coconut palms and extending for over a mile in length the Playa Luperon beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a great place to dive, snorkel or windsurf, although not really to swim. But with plenty of umbrellas, beach loungers, bars and watersport equipment available to rent there is a lot of fun to be had here.

5. Cayo Levantado

Another Samana beauty, the Cayo Levantado is another little piece of paradise that features clean, unspoilt beaches that are lined with giant coconut palms interspersed with lush flowery gardens. With warm water and a largely quiet ambience this is a fantastic place to go for a little solitude.

6. Playa Caleta

One of the more dramatic beaches in the whole of the Dominican Republic Playa Caleta in La Romana has a really pleasant feel to it. A great beach for children as the water is quite shallow and there is plenty of shade from the tall palms that line the golden sand, the presence of small fishing boats only adds to its charm.

7. Cosambar Beach

One of the best beaches in Puerto Plata, Cosamber Beach is a quiet crescent shape of golden sand. A popular hotspot where semi-permanent snowbirds and tourists try to escape the winter cold of home, this beach has a relaxed atmosphere and paradisiacal nature. A decent spot for snorkelling, the best part about this beach is that although the area has a decent number of holiday accommodation units the region is yet to be fully developed to the point that it is overrun with tourists.

8. Isla Saona

Part of the Parque the Parque Nacional del Este, just across from the Bahia de Catalinita, this is a very popular island beach. With over a thousand tourists visiting it every day you certainly won’t be alone if you go here but you will soon see why everyone does. Reached by catamaran, sailboat, or speedboat ride the beach features magnificent turquoise waters offset by the rugged beauty of limestone cliffs. A place where dolphins are often spotted, the 22 kilometres of white sand and idyllic palm trees that encircle this island provide the perfect spot to relax whilst you are waiting from them to show up.

9. Playa Grande

Nestled between the Cabrera and Rio San Juan the Playa Grande is a real gem. Offering excellent views located in a cove with cliffs surrounding, the beach has rather the feel of a desert island. Clear water and gorgeous lovely sand completes the picture perfect scene which is noted as a very relaxing place to swim, snorkel and sunbath.

10. Playa Coson, Las Terrenas

The magnificent Playa Coson beach in Bahia de Samana stretches for more than three glorious miles and accommodates a number of holiday villas as well as restaurants and one large resort. It is a place of awesome natural beauty characterised by crystal waters and a medium grain type of sand that is a rich golden tan colour. A great place to sunbath, the Playa Coson is also a good place to enjoy watersports such as snorkeling and diving.

Must Visit Place in The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s vacationer trademark gladly declares the nation ‘has it all’. In any case, while this is genuine it can show somewhat of an issue for the guest. After all in a place that is known for such a variety of differences how would you choose where to go first? With such a great amount to find in so little time it is difficult to take in everything this brilliant nation brings to the table. So truly it is basic that you organize and prepare.

Beneath in no specific request is a rundown of 5 spots you just should visit on any outing to the Dominican Republic. Arrange your stay around these goals and you will have a brilliant time.

1. Santo Domingo

Albeit many individuals utilize it as simply a travel center the capital of the Dominican Republic is some place you should invest a touch of energy in. A city of profound chronicled centrality, Santo Domingo’s UNESCO World Heritage recorded Zona Colonial District incorporates a few New World firsts including the most seasoned church, road, surviving fortification and building. In the event that history isn’t your thing however the city offers world class shopping, an awesome eatery scene, lively nightlife and bunches of excellent stops and green spaces. As you would anticipate from a capital city, a hefty portion of the nation’s best inns are likewise situated here.

2. Punta Cana

A gem tucked away on the east coast of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is the capital of the country’s luxury all inclusive resort industry. If your idea of a good Caribbean holiday involves lounging by the pool, all you can eat buffets, spa treatments and not venturing too far from your hotel then this is the place for you. Punta Cana’s soft white beaches and azure waters are as good as any in the world and its average annual temperature of 30 °C (86 °F) provides plenty of opportunities to top up your tan. This area is also particularly popular amongst the golfing fraternity as it possesses many great courses.

3. Samana

Located in the north eastern part of the Dominican Republic, Samana is considered one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Containing such wonderful features as tropical forests, coconut groves, numerous secluded alcove beaches with aqua marine crystal clear waters, waterfalls, protected national parks, a protected bay and a peninsula it is surprisingly rather quiet for most of the year. That is until mid-January to mid-March when whale watching season kicks in. During this time thousands of visitors descend on the area to see the magnificent site of North Atlantic humpback whales put on a show. A wonderful and natural sight that will surely be the highlight of your trip.

4. Cabarete

A former farming hamlet, Cabarete is now the Dominican Republic’s adventure sports capital. With the best winds and waves on the island it is a mecca for surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, jet skiing, sailing and diving. If you are a thrill seeker by nature then this is definitely the place for you. Away from the water Cabarete offers a dining experience that is arguably the best in the country. Its range of hotels is pretty decent too.

5. Jarabacoa

For those wanting to get at one with nature a visit to the ‘City of Eternal Spring’ is a must. Nestled in the low foothills of the Central Highland mountains at around 500 metres, Jarabacoa offers visitors a slightly different Dominican Republic experience. A place to go white water rafting, horseback riding, canyoning or hiking up the grand Pico Duarte it allows you to see a side of the country not often portrayed in the travel brochures. You will still be able to get a tan, the weather is quite pleasant up there, but you also be able to get a more enriching holiday experience too.

Why Visit Punta Cana Resort?

What is the primary thing that strikes a chord when you are thinking about the Punta cana ?Is it the shoreline or the lodgings. On the off chance that you are up for some fun and experience then this place would be most reasonable place for you. The place with its excellence would give you a definitive nirvana and look for all the consideration of the vacationers over the long haul. However here are the 5 reasons why you ought to visit resorts and beachfronts inns in Punta cana atleast once.


With the perfect shorelines and clear Caribbean waters and furthermore sumptuous Punta cana resorts has really turned into the highest goal for the voyagers. You can likewise call it home as it is custom fitted as indicated by the interests of the visitors and voyagers. Actually you can spoil yourself with all the spa and administrations which you will get in the resorst . The best thing is that you can likewise visit it with family as the place has some truly cool top family based resorts.

You can have family time in resorts

Resorts are so beautiful and the way they welcomes the guests that they are mainly dominating the place in the long run. Although families are everywhere some resorts gives such family friendly feeling to the guests that even if the couples wants a private time the kids gets their own time in the grounds on the permission of the adults.

Reason for the popularity of the resorts

Another important thing that most people do not know is that top sport of punta cana is golf vacation and hence every hotel and resort has a golf spot. The resorts are lavish. With a king size bedroom ,dining space and alos a kitchen which consists of all the gadgets.

Get the best services possible

If you have chosen the right resort then you would get ther best services that is no tipping, no taxing, no drinking charges as well. They would get a feel of tradition and culture when they visit the resort. It gives the people the home like feeling. It also offers get a cuisnes which are available on the resorts just according to what the guest desires. In fact a resort would give you bliss from the stress and inconvenience. You would know the food is great when you take the first bite.

Choose the Punta beachfront hotels

One of the best thing about the Punta cana beachfront hotels is that they give an amazing feeling to the guests in the long run. It is always an ideal choice for the visitors and it also offers simplicity and elegance. The trained staffs mainly helps and serves the guests with such warmth and friendliness that the guest feels at home. It isdecorated beautifully and consists of 1,2 and 3 bedroom suites. Which has attached bathrooms, with spacious bedrooms , dining space and a furnished kitchen with all the cooking gadgets present. What ever suits that you choose one would have all other furnitures like modernized furnitures, kitchen and also televison system. Punta cana is flawless and the guests gets to view the sandy shorelines with warm blue waves along the beach.

Why Holiday in the Dominican Republic?

In 2016 more than 4 million visitors and holidaymakers went to the Dominican Republic, the greater part of which (54%) originated from the USA and Canada. While this may seem like a noteworthy number of guests it could not hope to compare to other island goals around the globe. The reason being, conceivably, is that in the domains of travel publicizing, individuals simply don’t find out about it. So for the uninitiated underneath is a rundown of 20 motivations to occasion in the Dominican Republic.

1. The Weather!

As it is situated in the Caribbean the atmosphere of the Dominican Republic is for the most part tropical. In the late spring the temperature tops at around 32 °C (90 °F) and the normal day by day temperature is 25.8 °C (78 °F) with roughly 6.3 hours of daylight consistently.

2. It Has Great Beaches!

The Dominican Republic has about 1000 miles of coastline on its north, east and southern outskirts, 33% of which is comprised of a portion of the world’s most excellent shorelines. The vast majority of these shorelines are perfect desert gardens of splendid white sand because of the high substance of coral and shell, lined by tall shaded palm trees and balance by completely clear waters. Not exclusively do the shorelines look lovely and are awesome spots to unwind, the water temperature is likewise a consistent 28-30 degrees Celsius practically consistently, which makes swimming an additional delight.

3. It has Great Hotels and Resorts!

As well as a wide range of fantastic hotels the Dominican Republic is the Caribbean’s undoubted leader for all-inclusive resorts, with more than two dozen all-inclusive properties ranging from budget to luxury currently in operation. These resorts are based in breathtaking locations and offer world class facilities including Golf Resorts, Spas, Weddings and Water Sports.

4. The Food is Amazing!

The Dominican Republic has an excellent reputation for its varied and flavoursome food. Local cuisine is unique and delicious and as a culture Dominicans love to eat. Holidaymakers will find plenty of places to eat ranging from luxurious restaurants with gourmet menus to casual street cafes, all of which offer a mouth watering array of meals including Oriental, Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian and of course Creole food. You certainly won’t go hungry!

5. It’s a great place to bring the kids!

On top of the great weather, magnificent beaches, excellent range of accommodation and the awesome food, the Dominican Republic offers a wide range of fun activities for children. As well as a full range of water sports including surf boarding, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, diving and sailing, there are opportunities for horseback riding, go karting and mountain biking. In addition to this the Trampoline Museum, the Children’s Library, the National Aquarium, the National Zoo, the National Botanical Gardens, the Waterslide Park and the Las Canquinas Children’s Park are sure to keep the little ones amused.

6. It’s a fantastic place to get married!

Given its weather and breathtaking location the Dominican Republic is a fantastic place to get married. Many resorts offer complete wedding packages and dedicated co-ordinators who take the hassle out of organising the wedding for you. The Dominican Republic is of course a fantastic place for a honeymoon and just think what those wedding pictures will look like, especially against the backdrop of a pristine white beach!

7. It is an excellent place for a golfing holiday!

If you love golf then you will love golfing in the Dominican Republic as it contains 28 world class courses designed by such legends of the game as Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Nick Faldo, Nick Price and Greg Norman. Nine of the country’s golf courses are included in Golfweek Magazine’s 2010 list of the top 50 courses in the Caribbean and Latin America. Not least because the breathtaking coastlines, lush green fairways and magnificent unspoilt views of nature make these courses an absolute joy to play on.

8. There’s no better place for an Eco-Adventure!

The Dominican Republic has no less than nine distinct ecological zones. This natural diversity allows you to enjoy an extraordinarily diverse eco-adventure on one beautiful island. Containing the highest and lowest points above and below sea level in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic entertains practically every form of nature. From luscious tropical rain forests to arid deserts, each area offers a wide range of very distinct activities. Places like Jarabacoa and Constanza provide opportunities for mountain climbing, hiking, horseback riding, and rafting, while Pedernales, Bahoruco, Bani, Azua and Barahona will reveal untouched beaches, geological formations, lagoons, deserts and dunes. At Cabarete and Samana, in the northeast coast near Puerto Plata you can experience deep dives, windsurfing, kite boarding, jeep safaris, waterfalls and even humpback whales. While all around the island you can marvel at more than 5000 different species of plant, 254 species of birds and 1,411 species of reptile, many of which are endangered or simply can’t be found anywhere else in the world. If eco-adventure tourism is your bag, then the Dominican Republic is definitely for you.

9. You’ll love the Water Sports!

Surrounded by warm waters and breathtaking views The Dominican Republic is a Mecca for water sports. Attracting regattas from around the world, such as the Rolex Farr 40 Pre-World Cup in April 2010 and the World Sailing Championship at the Casa de Campo marina, sailing is extremely popular. As well as hosting the Windsurfing World Cup, Cabarete Beach is also revered as the ‘kiteboarding capital of the world’ because its perfect combination of beaches, winds and waves creates the optimum conditions for the sport. Surfing of course is an extremely popular activity and there are 16 fantastic surfing sites located on the northern coast from Puerto Plata to Playa Grande and in Rio San Juan, with classic or standard waves that reach over 4 metres high during the months of December to March. Diving too is a major attraction and with 1000 miles of coastline housing coral reefs, caves, shipwrecks and brilliantly covered fish and fauna the Dominican Republic is also known as one of the best places to snorkel or dive in the whole of the Caribbean. If you love water sports, whether it be watching or participating, the Dominican Republic is somewhere you simply have to visit.

10. It has World Class Fishing!

The Dominican Republic is a world class destination for fishing. For years it has been a legendary destination for fishermen and has hosted several international bill fishing tournaments such as the Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament at Cabeza de Toro, the ESPN Billfish Xtreme Tournament at Punta Cana Resort & Club and the new International Billfish Shootout at Cap Cana Marina, the largest marina in the Caribbean. If you like to fish then the Dominican Republic is where it’s at!

11. The National Parks are incredible!

The Dominican Republic has a beautiful topography; so much so that over 25 percent of the country has been protected in the form of National Parks, Reserves, and Marine Sanctuaries. These beautiful ecosystems are protected areas within a conservation plan that boasts 83 distinct areas, including 19 national parks, 15 natural reserves, six scientific reserves, 32 natural monuments, 2 marine sanctuaries and 9 areas of protected islands with panoramic views. Providing awe inspiring views of untouched landscapes and moments of peace and solitude the Dominican Republic’s National Parks include everything from verdant mountains with bosky pine forests to pristine white-sand beaches and arid desert lands. If you love getting at one with nature the Dominican Republic is the place you must go.

12. The Nightlife is great!

If you like to party, the Dominican Republic will not disappoint as most bars and cafes throughout the country are open and serve alcoholic drinks until midnight on Sunday to Thursday and 2:00 a.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays.

While most resorts offer a variety of musicals, shows, discos and performances every night if you really want to party then head to Santo Domingo! The Dominican Republic’s capital is the hub of the country’s nightlife. It enjoys arguably the greatest entertainment in the Caribbean, with a wide range of trendy and happening bars, discotheques, casinos and restaurants and has been touted by some as the Caribbean ‘New York’.

13. The Spa’s are mind blowing!

The Dominican Republic houses a number of world-class spas. Many are located in luxury ‘all-inclusive’ resorts that offer the most up-to-date and advanced treatments, including some that use traditional Dominican herbs and minerals. Set in magnificent surroundings, with the subtle sounds of relaxing music, the ocean or waterfalls to sooth your ears and the sweet aroma of natural oils to tantalise your nose, these spas provide the perfect place to pamper your body and free your mind. Many spas also provide a range of cosmetic treatments, hairdressing services; makeovers, hair removal, manicures and pedicures. So there is everything you need to totally unwind!

14. The place oozes of history and culture!

Santa Domingo is generally recognised as the ‘First City in the Americas’, the place where the New World started. As a consequence Santo Domingo has an impressive display of historic monuments that are as captivating as they are enriching. The most famous of which, the “Colonial City” was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1992. The city has also recently been confirmed as the American Capital of Culture for 2010. To mark this celebration The Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Culture has scheduled more than 600 activities to take place throughout the year including the Second National Festival of Theatre and the International Book Fair, as well as various exhibitions, festivals and the inauguration of the new National Library and the much anticipated Museum of Dominican Man.

15. You can shop till you drop!

If you love to shop then The Dominican Republic is the place to go as it has a wide range of many excellent places for the discerning shopaholic to get their fix!

In most tourist areas as well as in the bigger cities, you will find upscale open air markets and large well known shopping centres. But if you really want to shop the place to go is Santo Domingo where the range of shops, boutiques and department stores are simply superb. Selling everything from the latest fashions, leather articles, bags, cosmetics, jewellery and shoes to books, electronic games, liquor, cigars, water sports equipment and art, you will find an endless array of fantastic products to suit any budget and taste.

Typically the shops in Santo Domingo tend to stay open from 9am to 7pm on Monday to Saturday and 9am-6pm on Sunday, so there’s plenty of time for a browse even between lying on the beach.

16. No Language Barriers!

If you can’t speak a word of Spanish don’t worry! Although it is the official language of the Dominican Republic many employees at tourist and hotel destinations across the country speak English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. So you should not have any problem in finding someone to communicate with. That said as a common courtesy it is always worth learning a few basic Spanish phrases. You are after all visiting a country that doesn’t speak your native tongue as their first language.

17. You can log on anywhere!

Internet cafes can be found in most tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic. In addition, pretty much all of the larger resorts and hotels offer Internet access on site and most of them offer high-speed DSL Internet connection for laptops in your room. So even though you will be in Paradise you won’t find it difficult to keep up to date with all the news, events and scores from the outside world.

18. The Drinking Age is 18!

Both the legal drinking and gambling age in the Dominican Republic is 18 years old so even though you might not be old enough to drink in the USA you can legally do so in the Dominican Republic.

19. It is close to other Caribbean islands!

Located in the heart of the Caribbean the Dominican Republic is a fantastic place to use as a base for other destinations in the region. Neighbouring Haiti and with the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos to the North, Cuba and Jamaica to the west and Puerto Rico and the West Indies to the east, in just a few short hours you can visit any other destination in the whole of the Caribbean. Imagine what a holiday that could be.

20. You don’t need any specialist vaccinations

In order to travel to the Dominican Republic, you will not need any vaccinations outside of those normally required for Europe and North America. Infact you can pretty go on holiday straight away!