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Must Visit Cities in Eastern Europe


Budapest is the biggest city in Eastern Europe and it is the capital of Hungary. It was additionally positioned as the seventh most ideal place on the planet to live in by Forbes and is likewise viewed as a standout amongst the most lovely urban areas on the planet. Made by combining two old urban areas, to be specific Buda and Pest this city will blow your mind. It offers a broad assortment of world legacy locales that incorporate the Buda Castle Quarter and the Millennium Underground Railway, which is the second most established on the planet.


With the measure of compositional magnificence here, Prague should be said in the top urban communities to visit in Eastern Europe. It has an amazing assortment of houses of God, church arches and a great deal rich history having filled in as the capital of Bohemia for quite a long time. The city makes a heavenly showing with regards to with mixing the old design with present day styled fine eating, craftsmanship and music. Bear in mind to look at the Old Town Square with the prestigious Astronomical Clock that tolls at the top.


Berlin is a city that has seen a blend of fascism, socialism and democracy within the last century alone. If you are a person with historical persuasion, Berlin is the place to be. It not only boasts some of the most impressive museums of any European country but is also cultivating an incredibly dynamic local art scene at present. Check out companies that offer affordable tours to Berlin to make the most of it.


There are limitless numbers of attractions in Vienna. Many of them like the Parliament, the Hofburg Palace and museums of natural history are located in the historic old town in the First District. However, don’t forget to check out the outlying districts like the 13th District. You can visit the Schonbrunn Palace here. It was the former summer residence of the Imperial Family and should definitely be on every person’s tourist’s list.


How can you come down to Eastern Europe and not make a stop at Moscow? The city is filled with artistic and cultural attractions and is also considered the seat of political power in Russia. The Kremlin, home of the Russian President is also located here. However, the most recognizable attraction is the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed with its highly impressive colored domes as well as Lenin’s Mausoleum which is the resting place of Vladimir Lenin.